Yogic Vacation: Post Transformation Rituals

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A long and casual list of recommendations start piling up as you begin researching places to visit and things to do on your vacation. You think to yourself if the spots you have always wanted to visit would be as pretty in person. You let your focus get adrift planning a magical time you would talk about when you rejoined your daily life, letting the people around you get jealous or inspired depending on your level of affection towards them. Fast forward to the last day of your vacation as tiring or exciting as it was and you sit there dread going back to normalcy knowing fully well that you are leaving your best self behind. But what if you chose differently and let yourself enjoy the gift of positively life affirming experience?

What if you brought home a glow that shines beyond visiting gorgeous scenic locations and engaging in stimulating encounters? What if you brought back the glow of transformation that implores you to feel alive and look forward to living your best life post vacation, a Yogic Vacation? Connecting body, soul and mind an experience that opens your world to new energy and beautiful possibilities. Yoga helps you achieve unity; yoga is the easiest path to being whole. Propelling towards a perfect balance in the physical, spiritual and mental expression of self, yoga is not just a means to maintaining a healthy lean physique but a way to evolve entirely in the process. Synchronizing every atom in the body to the beat of unscrupulous breathing you turn inwards towards your soul and outwards to everything that surrounds you.

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The concept of yogic vacation is not a new one and yet with everything that the world is witnessing at the moment it is more relevant now than it was ever before. Opting for a vacation that combines one’s need to escape to a new locale while harnessing years of repressed positivity and physical integrity might just be the perfect respite from the stress of constant adjustment. However, the journey induced by a transformative process as such doesn’t end with the vacation; it becomes all the more relevant when it is integrated with everyday living. Making little tweaks to daily practices can go a long way in ensuring that your vacation glow becomes a part of the real you.

The best way to engage in yogic practices is to simplify the steps you take towards making them a consistent habit. Following every little aspect of your vacation self might not be the most sustainable option for most even if it is the best way to go about it. The ease of habit comes from making small imperceptible changes that allows you to get more comfortable while resuming your work, social and personal commitments. Practices that are easy to follow wherever you are encourage a swift integration of thoughts and actions without compromising on the nuances of your former life. Try these practices for a continued betterment

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Water cleanse

From the moment you open your eyes a new cycle commences and since not everyone can wake up feeling cheery it is important to kick start the day with cleanse that removes the toxins you accumulated the day before. Drinking at least two to three glasses of water right after waking up opens up your senses and re-energizes your brain. This elementary practice resets your whole body inside and out. Following this practice even before you have had the chance to let negative thoughts seep into your mind promotes positivity, balanced mental health and sets the tone for the day ahead.

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Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

Starting the day with at least 10 minutes of Surya Namaskar is known to have miraculous health benefits, from improved metabolism and cognitive functions, reduced stress and blood sugar levels, enhanced flexibility, weight loss, body toning etc. to lesser known functions of calming the brain enough to promote a conducive meditative mind set. Surya Namaskar, when performed mindfully, is one of the most basic forms of yogic practice which offers integrity of all three elements of balanced living. A deeply relaxing practice, each cycle and its steps (asanas) are a complex composition for addressing different parts of the body while connecting you inwards through your breathing. Improved blood circulation and skin health are just add-ons in your pursuit of health and wellness. While it does require you to spread yoga mat or extend the rug to allow ease of movements, limiting your initial practices to something this basic would make it rather relaxed to regulate morning habits.

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Yogic breathing

Breathing is our life force and it is easy to be ignorant of this involuntary body function. The idea that breathing the right way and adopting daily yogic breathing practices can do more for your body and mind than all the super charged diet and workout plans put together is an unimaginable concept. However, the fact remains that it can do more for your health and wellness than a lot of the other practices combined promoting a relaxed calm mind and healthy body.

Starting with something as simple as being mindful of your breath, consciously observing inhalation and exhalation, the way it feels along your nostrils without regulating its speed or depth has very powerful life affirming advantages. Reducing anxiety, exhaustion and stress are just some of the additional benefits of this mindfulness and can be practiced throughout the day with ease.

Escalating mindfulness breathing practices to sectional breathing, ujjayi breathing (ocean breathing), nadi shodhan (alternate nostril breathing), kapalbhati, bhramari pranayama (humming bee breathing) etc. bring immeasurable benefits to mental and physical health and well-being. Carefully watch videos related to each of those techniques on repeat since most of their benefits resound in the details. While a lot of these breathing techniques (besides kapalbhati and the likes) can be performed throughout the day, mornings and evenings before bed hold most of the power and an empty stomach is best physical state of preparation. Integrating any or all of these methods of conscious breathing has proven effect on quality of living and aid in bringing one closer to a composite healthy lifestyle.

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Yogic diet

Yogic diet is simple, unburdened with complex ingredients and hard to digest components. Removing meat, spicy, fried, processed food, alcohol, tobacco, etc. are the basic elements of it and it does work well to adjust ones dietary timings to facilitate intermittent fasting between the last meal of today and the first meal of the next day. However, it is not limited to these basic concepts of sustenance. Yogic diet follows the path of knowing your body well, whether through consultation with experts or by the process of elimination. Everybody has certain dominant features in terms of its digestive system configuration and no food, no matter how pure or simple is equally suitable to everyone. The process of removing known elements of disruptive bodily reactions common to all is merely the first step, the next involves getting down to the nuances of who you are and what your body is made up off. Of course this process of making a complete shift in diet is a hard bargain that convinces many of you to give-up on the path of reform even before you start and rightly so. Introducing sustainable changes like reducing intake of harmful elements to occasions or with strict adherence to patterns of cleansing and toxin induced days help find a balance without the pain of giving up on everything you hold dear. Diet is one of the hardest habits to adopt since there is no shortage of temptation or ways of ensuring that the diet you follow would be available wherever you go and the fact that we are social beings further disrupts the case by establishing a lifestyle that makes you feel alienated from those around you. Small changes like alternating days when you can and cannot have meat or alcohol is very easily followed method of regulating your dependency without feeling overburdened at once. This part of lifestyle change requires a lot of motivation and emotional preparations in the beginning and yet making small changes can easily achieve the goal of healthy, free living.

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In addition to the basic steps to living in the state of continued bliss, regulating sleep patterns to a minimum of 7 hours a night and waking up bright and early can help induce the feeling of joyous wellbeing all day, every day. Health and wellness are a process of adopting positive means for an ease of living, moving a little away from synthetic instant stimulation and walking toward wholesome well-being. Taking the time out to reconnect with one’s inner light and purity of being is just one the most rewarding investments you can undertake with results that may just your perception on life for good.