Black Chunky Stilettos

Hello dear one! Nice to see you here

Lifestyle, living and pro-life musings, a little poignant and a little quirky. A digital Magazine dedicated to the little things that we never get prickly about when we should and things that we get aggressively superior about when we shouldn't. Not your run of the mill voice speaking on this issue or that, but a space that caters to everyone.   

This crazy girl knows you deserve more, more than your job, your swanky investment portfolio (or a lack there of), other's expectations of you and the poison you inevitably feed your mind trying to stay current. A magazine for you to get up close and personal, to get sappy and vulnerable without compromising on any of your worldly pragmatic dispositions and maybe dive into socially vital issues every now and then. It carries a little tint of feminism and will to work through the blinds imposed between what is and what ought to be. That being said, if you do stumble upon topics that are too hot to handle you can simply move on to the next one and revel in the beauty that this world has to offer. Off track books, cross genre movies, the vibe of those flirty tumultuous beaches, fiery and sexy underbellies of some many seemingly dry subjects, there is much to experience and so much to learn still.

This crazy girl seeks questions and looks for answers among friendly strangers. It is meant to help people walk the line between the lives they live begrudgingly in a haze of snooty self proclamations and the ones they fantasize about when there is no one around to know where their bitterness truly comes from. So read, wonder, discuss and grow, just remember to keep your mind open and your words polite!   


Oh and I would love to get to know you and what you think about so drop in a text or better yet join the forum and lets get a conversation going.